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Italian Cooking Class in Assisi Agriturismo

Italian Cooking Class in Assisi Agriturismo

In this episode we’re heading out of Assisi and into the Umbrian hills to visit the charming Alla Madonna del Piatto agriturismo for a cooking class in a true Italian kitchen with owner and cooking instructor, Letizia Mattiacci. Letizia has her hands full teaching ME how to make her special Ravioli with asparagus filling and lemon sauce )




Click on the video screen above to watch the video to see what we have cooking for you today!


Ravioli and Wine at Alla Madonna del Piatto

Ravioli and Wine at Alla Madonna del Piatto

What is an agriturismo/farm house? 

Agriturimso, or agritourism, is a combination of agriculture and tourism. It was defined by law in 1985 to allow small farmers to augment their income by providing farm house lodging for guests interested in experiencing a more rustic country style vacation. Like many of the transformed farm houses, alla Madonna del Piatto is a restored 5 centuries old farm house overlooking the magnificent view of Assisi and it’s famous Basilica of St Francis. In true Italian spirit, the agriturismo also offers cooking classes to everyone interested in exploring the flavors and Umbrian culinary delights.

In the video: Now that we have a break and let the ravioli dry out a bit, Letizia will show us around the renovated farm house that was turned into a Bed and Breakfast.

If you’re wondering where the name Alla Madonna del Piatto came from, during the restoration project, a small plate depicting a medieval lady with flowers in her hands was unearthed in ancient rubble. The house was named after the delightful figure, The Lady of the Plate - or alla Madonna del Piatto.

The Bed and Breakfast farm house has 6 guest rooms, and Letizia is showing us one of the rooms since the rest are occupied by guests.  In the back is a lovely patio shaded by hanging grape vines and it’s a perfect place to admire the natural beauty of Umbria and experience its tranquility.


Alla Madonna del Piatto agriturismo farm hous

VIDEO: Alla Madonna del Piatto agriturismo farm house

In the video: Now we’re back in the kitchen to continue our cooking class,  Letizia is preparing the Lemon Butter Sauce while the water is boiling for the ravioli.


To learn more about agritourism and alla Madonna del Piatto, visit www.incampagna.com  It translates to In the country side. Which is exactly where it is. And for many of Letizia’s delicious recipes and stories from Umbria, visit her delicious blog at madonnadelpiatto.com.

 Tips and Recommendation

~ Alla Madonna del Piatto farmhouse is in the heart of the countryside, and can be reached from Assisi and its environs by car only.  If you wish to book your stay at the beautiful farm house, you will need  your own transportation. If you are staying in Assisi and wish to attend Letizia’s popular cooking class, you can take a taxi from Assisi (and be sure to get the taxi company’s contact number so you can call them for a pick up to return to Assisi).

~ If you are staying in Rome and wish to include Letizia’s cooking class in your  day trip to Assisi, contact Stefano Rome Tours at www.StefanoRomeTours.com as they offer a Day Tour to Assisi.

Thank you for watching, and I look forward to see you again on A Road Retraveled!


Alla Madonna del Piatto Cooking Class

Alla Madonna del Piatto Cooking Class


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