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The Crown Princess “Culinary Tour”

The Crown Princess Ultimate Ship Tour

and “Culinary Tour”

Our Princess Cruise excursion through the Western Caribbean continues with a day spent touring the ship.

Today we  take part in the Ultimate ShipTours and enjoy a special treat at the Chef’s Table.  During a Chef’s Table galley tour, we actually visit the galley when it’s in full use, so we have to wear lab coats and wash our hands for 20 seconds. Fortunately for everyone, they’re not putting us to work in the kitchen!!



The Food Tour and Chef’s Table


Princess Cruises Food Tour

Princess Cruises Culinary Tour Chef Giuseppe


 In the video, Chef Giuseppe informs, educates and entertains the group about life in the galley.

 The most important thing I learned about the galley from Chef Giuseppe is that the bakery is in operation 24 hours a day. Oh yeah…..and let me tell you the croissants were out of this world!!  Bread is also made from scratch and baked at different times of the day so your daily bread is always fresh.

On this tour of the galley we learned about different stations and what kind of food each is designated to prepare. Can you guess what’s the most popular dish on the cruise? Here’s a hint, the chef is Italian??

In the video: Some of the guests wanted to know how are restaurants, buffets, and dining rooms on cruise ship different from restaurants on land?

One of the things I noticed dining on Crown Princess, is that a lot of dedication was given to food presentation. And to create a uniform display, the Chefs rely on the galley bible!!


Princess Cruises Food Tour

Princess Cruises Culinary Tour


Guests for the Ultimate Ship Tour are treated to champagne, but at the Chef’s Table we are also offered a variety of hors d’orves prepared especially for this event: starting off with king crab salad beautifully arranged in martini glasses. With each appetizer, Chef Giuseppe offered practical tips on how we can prepare them at home as well. Very generous of the chef to give out his secret recipes!!

Now that we’re finished in the galley and already half stuffed from sampling the many preparations, Chef Giuseppe introduces what’s in store for us inside the dining room…

Speaking of dining rooms, eating on Crown Princess was a class act all the way. Dining rooms featured names and art by classical masters such as Da Vinci, Botticelli, and my favorite, Michelangelo. Restaurants like Crown Grill and Sabatini’s were masterpieces in their own right. Overall, it was as though these Renaissance masters themselves descended only for the opportunity to extend their talents to Crown Princess.


Crown Princess Restaurants

Crown Princess Restaurants

So now back to the Chef’s Table inside the Da Vinci dining room.

After desert, Chef Giuseppe presented the ladies at the table with a red rose, and then we each received a personalized autographed copy of Princess’ best-selling cookbook, Courses, A Culinary Journey, which sold more than 100,000 copies worldwide. The cookbook features a vast collection of popular dishes offered on the menus, created by the dedicated chefs of Princess Cruises. And don’t worry, serving sizes are NOT for 3,000!! You can purchase the cookbook separately on any of the Princess cruise ships, or if you must have a copy right now, it’s also available online on Amazon.

If you weren’t able to book an Ultimate Ship Tour or a seat at the Chef’s Table and would STILL like to see Chef Giuseppe in action, on Crown Princes there was also a cooking demonstration inside Princess Theater, where Chef Giuseppe, accompanied by Maitre D Francois, prepared a few dishes featured in the Courses cookbook, including home made Tiramisu, that was featured in a recent Traveling Tidbit episode.


Princess Cruisers Cooking Class

Princess Cruisers Cooking Demonstration



This video was made possible via Twitter Press cruise sponsored by Princess Cruises. The content of this show represented the real experience of the participants and content was created without any influence or compensation by Princess or its representatives. 



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2 Responses to “The Crown Princess “Culinary Tour””

  1. Beckie Freeman says:

    How can I purchase a cookbook from the Botticelli on a cruise ship? I went on a princess cruise in 2005 and missed the opportunity to purchase one at that time for 25.00.

    • Ciao Beckie,
      I wish I could tell you with certainty. I advise to contact Princess and inquire about where they sell their cookbooks other than on the cruise ships themselves. It’s been a few years since I was on this cruise, and unfortunately I don’t have current information about the book. You can also try and google the book online, perhaps it’s sold through other online venues. Good luck, I hope you find the book! Let me know if you do :)

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