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Scenes of Medieval Life in Orte, Italy


Imagine entering a village a thousand years old and walk on the same streets as those who built its ancient walls.

Imagine how people were dressed, the things they made, their timeless techniques.

Imagine traveling back in time a thousand years for a single day and experience history alive!



Welcome to the Middle Ages in Orte, Italy


Orte is an ancient and naturally fortified hilltop village not too far from Rome.  Like the impregnable town of Orvieto nearby, Orte also majestically rises out of tuffa rocks, crowning a steep cliff that makes it look impossible to approach (a perfect natural defense system during Italy’s long and tumultuous history)

In late October 2015  Orte held a festival dedicated to flavors of Medieval Era and hosted group “food tours” guided through various local eateries and tavernas sampling Medieval dishes.


Scenes from Medieval Life in Orte in Photos: Manolo, blacksmith  Arched alleyway in Orte


Along their walking tour through the windy alleys and tiny squares overwhelmed by heavy medieval stone buildings that define Orte, the visitors’ Medieval experience was further enhanced by the many artisans and professionals who are part of Opificium, a local re-enactment cultural association that specializes in the Middle Ages, who set up numerous stands and exhibitions, while working at their crafts using the same tools and techniques as their ancestors who once lived and thrived here during the Medieval era.

It was quite a learning experience for those not familiar with these ancient traditions as the craftsmen demonstrated their skills and ancient tools. For children it was a ‘hands on” history lesson they would never achieve from books alone.


Scenes from Medieval Life in Orte In Photo: Claudio, goldsmith.  Andrea, the Norman hunter


Because I did not arrive in time join the organized food and walking tours, I had the wonderful opportunity during the quiet times between the passing groups to see these talented artisans and professionals at work.  It was an incredible experience having this ancient place to yourself, surrounded by history, and watching history taking place around you. It was like being on a movie set… but it took place in real life, in a real place, and with real people.

I did not have to suspend reality too much to feel transported back in time a thousand years to a small Italian village and catch an unforgettable glimpse of the Medieval life that once thrived in the very place I was now standing.

In this video I take you through the alleys and niches of Orte where the Medieval era was brought to life.

Thank you for watching!


Lo Gusto de lo Medioevo Festival in Orte



Find out more about Opificium Re-enactment Cultural Association (the website is in Italian)

website: http://opificium.weebly.com/

facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Opificium/218544291585078

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