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NASA Robonaut 2 Demonstration


STS-133 #NASATweetUp 


Robonaut: Part Robot, Part Astronaut.





What is special about Robonaut 2?  NASA works to expand its Human – Robotic partnership. Robots have  been exploring space for quite some time…recently the Sojourner Robot on Mars.

Humans and Robots together can explore Space together complimenting each others’ unique strengths. The use of Robots also allows Astronauts to work more efficiently as they delegate many the mundane and dangerous tasks to Robots.

An amazing aspect about Robonaut 2 is its sensors that understands the forces around it so it can respond “intelligently”.

In the video you can watch Robonaut 2 interact with the presenter. It’s amazing how far technology has advanced!



shaking hands with ROBONAUT 2 at NASA


NASA hosted a #TweetUp for its Discovery shuttle launch originally scheduled for liftoff on November 3, 2010 at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center.  Previously NASA also hosted a TweetUp also for its STS-129 launch.

150 lucky “Tweeps” were randomly chosen lottery-style to take part of this historic event – it was Discovery’s 35th shuttle mission and final launch into space to the International Space Station before being retired in a museum. The shuttle was scheduled to deliver a new module and an external stowage platform, as well as necessary supplies and equipment to the International Space Station.

Aside from watching the lift off from Kennedy Space Center’s media pad, NASA also organized educational events, tours of the facilities, and speakers (Astronauts) for a once in a life time experience.

Enthusiasts lucky enough to “win the lotto” arrived from all corners of the world from as far away as Australia and Manila, to as nearby as Florida.

Unfortunately for some who have come from great distance, the launch did not take place on November 3 as planned….it was rescheduled for February 24, 2011 at 4:53:24 PM EST.

Most of the participants returned for this breathtaking event…unfortunately some were unable to return due to the long distance travels.


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