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Food Tour of Florence (part 3)

 Food Lovers Food Tour of Florence (part 3)

If you’re new to Florence and looking for a traditional local restaurant, it helps to have a local guide like Judy Witts Francini who knows where to take you for the meal of your lifetime as well as entertain with all sorts of insider information as you make your way through Florence’s off the beaten streets, explore eateries you would’ve never discovered on your own, and have an authentic local experience as your rub elbows with the Florentines and learn their secrets.

Our Food Tour in Florence continues with more culinary adventures inside the San Lorenzo Central Market for some items you never imagined existed! If you dare….I’ll show you where you can find them in the video!


What is the most bizarre food you’ve eaten?

Tuna Sperm

Tuna Sperm

“Someone just asked me for sperm…”  This is how Judy startled me!

Watch the video to see just WHAT tuna sperm is and if you dare…where you can buy some for yourself!

Extreme Food Tour: Tripe Sandwich anyone?

Florence Food Tour Tripe Panino

Florence Food Tour Tripe Panino


Since we had our tastebuds invested in a Florentine Steak today, I came back the next day for lunch at Pork’s…and gave the tripe sandwich a try!!  It’s not like I can get this at home!! So I sat at the counter…. and minus the camera and tourist gear and my lack of Italian language skills, I felt like one of the locals.

In the video I let you know just how tasty…nor NOT…Tripe Panino (a local favorite!) really is and if YOU should give it a try.

 Truth be told, had I ventured into the San Lorenzo Central Market on my own, I would’ve missed out on everything!! To really get the full experience of local food, culture and traditions, you need someone knowledgeable and experienced to guide you through labyrinth of shops and educate you on the plethora of products and food that’s inside this huge market. As much as I’m a do-it-yourself kind of traveler, I would NOT attempt to go through this amazing market without Judy, no way….and by not getting the most out of the San Lorenzo Market you’d miss out on the secret ingredients of Florence.

We’re not done yet! In the next episode we enjoy a Florentine Steak and of course…there is always room for desert!


Recommendations in Florence

Food tour of Florence with Judy Witts Francini

Restaurants and Cafes in Florence:

In the show:

Via Rosina, 4/6 r, 50125 Florence
055 283259

Coccole Cioccolato

Via Ginori, 55/57r

Snackbar Anna

Via dei Genori 26R


Restaurant Near Santa Maria Novella Church

La Dantesca - Il paradiso della pizza
Via Panzani, 57 r
Piazza S Maria Novella
(Excellent wood oven pizzas at great prices)

Restaurant in Piazza della Repubblica

Piazza della Repubblica, 35
(great lunch plates inexpensively priced, elegant interior)
Not cheap, but elegant way to enjoy a drink or snack at its outdoor table and take in the splendor of Piazza della Repubblica!

Restaurant Near Santa Croce Church

(Traditional local food)
Via Giovanni Da Verrazzano 3/5 r
Angolo Piazza Santa Croce
055-22 60 064

Restaurant near the Duomo

Via Ricasoli 5-7 r
055 292 124
(Great pizza and meats. Friendly staff. Ate there many times!)

Excellent Gelato in Florence:

Gelateria la Carraia
(located at the end of Carraia Bridge across the Arno on the Oltrarno side)
Vicolo Calimaruzza, 18 e
P.zza del Mercato Nuovo
  Tel. 055 288505
Borgo degli Albizi, 11, 50122 Florence
055 234 0374

Hotels in Florence:

Via Dè Guicciardini, 13, 50125 Florence
Conveniently located near Ponte Vecchio, a pleasant stay and lovely decor. Friendly and helpful staff.
Via della Scala, 7, 50123 Florence
Conveniently located near Santa Maria Novella Church and train station. Elegant decor, comfortable rooms, a pool perfect for hot summer days.

Great Segway Tours of Florence

 Italy Segway Tours - www.italysegwaytours.com
Glide your way through Florence, I found it to be a great way to get around without pounding your feet to the cobble stones!
Group tours or private tours. I found sightseeing in Florence by segway easier and safer than walking on the cobble stones (on which I tripped a few times!)

Relaxing Day Tours to and from Florence

For many people having the benefit of a private vehicle and personal driver allows them to squeeze more into their day, not worry about transportation, and minimize walking from place to place. For larger groups up to 8 persons it can be quite economical way to tour and sightsee in comfort.

Day tours to Florence from Rome or from Livorno Cruise Port in private vehicle and personal tour driver.
Stefano Rome Tours - www.stefanorometours.com
Day tours from Livorno and Florence into Tuscany and Chianti regions in private vehicle and personal tour driver:
Chianti Tours - www.chiantitours.com
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