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Crown Princess: The Floating Resort

Crown Princess: The Floating Resort

Buon giorno and welcome to A Road Retraveled’s series aboard the Crown Princess on a cruise to Western Caribbean. I’m not a cruise critic, but I am excited to share with you all the fun that can be had aboard this elegant floating resort!

In this episode you can watch right on top of this page,  I take you on a quick tour of some of the public areas that I had the opportunity to enjoy during the cruise…and that you should also check out onboard this beautiful cruise ship.

 To see all the places mentioned below, watch the video above.


Where to Eat on Crown Princess?


Crown Princess Cruise Ship Restaurants

Crown Princess Cruise Ship Restaurants

During the Chef’s Table episode, we took a look at the beautiful formal dining rooms and specialty restaurants aboard the ship, but there’s also casual dining such as the Caribbean themed Cafe Caribe and Horizon Court Buffet and Bistro, where the food was fabulous and plentiful.

The 24 hour International Cafe offers not only delicious coffee drinks, but a variety of quick bites, deserts, and cold lunches as well.


Crown Princess International Cafe

Crown Princess International Cafe


Vines is a wine and seafood bar where you can enjoy a quiet atmosphere while sampling different wines and seafood. The sushi was amazing!

If you happen to be by the pool, the Pizza and ice cream bar can satisfy an afternoon craving…and Trident Grill offers burgers and hot dogs for a quick lunch. But if you get the munchies at night or don’t feel like leaving your stateroom, there’s 24 hour room service available as well.

An “evening out” on Crown Princess

Night Life on Crown Princess Cruise Ship

Night Life on Crown Princess Cruise Ship


If you’re in the mood for a cocktail, there are a variety of lounges aboard Crown Princess… two of my favorites being Crooner’s Bar that’s classy and jazzy….and Wheelhouse Bar that has that old English pub feel. Here, not only you can sit at the bar for a drink, but enjoy a traditional fish and chips meal as well!

If you want to dance the night away, Crown Princess also features a variety of nightclubs like Club Fusion. At 15 decks above the sea is Skywalkers night club, and also a great observation lounge with a fabulous view over the aft of the ship.  Other night clubs are Explorer’s Lounge…and of course, the dazzling Gatsby’s Casino!!

We toured the Princess Theater, but there’s also the Movies Under The Stars outdoor theater where you can enjoy movies and programs on the deck day and night.

Poolside fun for kids and adults


Pools on Crown Princess Cruise Ship

Pools on Crown Princess Cruise Ship


You can have a splash at one of the many pools and hot tubs on CrownPrincess. There’s also the kids’ only Chill Out pool, and adults can take a dip at the Sanctuary, the adults only pool and spa area.  The pool at the fore of the ship is reserved for the crew to enjoy on their days off.

Although this is not a kids oriented cruise, like the Disney Cruise, CrownPrincess offers age appropriate activities for kids and teens such as PrincessPelicansShockwaves, and Remix…. including a video arcade and the Chill Out splash pool.

Fitness and Relaxation

Fitness and relaxation on Crown Princess Cruise Ship

Fitness and relaxation on Crown Princess Cruise Ship


To feel you’ve really escaped completely, the Asian themed Lotus Spa offers a variety of spa treatments from hot stone massages to facials and more.

If you’ve really taken advantage of the abundance of food on board, the gym and fitness area is the perfect way to burn some calories and make room for more! Virtual golf simulators, 9-hole putting course, basketball Court, and jogging tracks will keep you on the move and in shape.

State Rooms on Crown Princess

Princess ships offer a variety of stateroom categories to meet your budget and comfort needs, from affordable interior and Ocean View staterooms featuring picture windows, to a selection of larger and more luxurious suites with private balconies. But even if you book an interior room you’ll feel like you’re in a 5 star hotel.

Standard amenities in all rooms include 100% Egyptian cotton-linen, satellite TV, a refrigerator & complimentary room service. The towels are thick and luxurious, and closet space is plentiful! There are also state rooms designed to comfortably accommodate passengers with disabilities.

I also highly recommend the Ultimate Balcony Dining…either in your stateroom or on the balcony enjoying the fresh sea air and the gorgeous view.

Amenities for Everyone

For those looking for opportunities to enrich, Crown Princess offers a library, art exhibitions, classes, conference center, and a 24 hour Internet Cafe with wireless access available for a by the minute fee, or internet packages that you can purchase. Although you can send e-mails, tweet, and update your FaceBook with updates and photos, the internet speed is not fast enough to use skype, upload or download online videos.

Many weddings take place aboard Crown Princess at its Wedding Chapel that features a wedding-at-sea program officiated by the ship’s captain.

For the shopaholics aboard, there are many duty-free boutiques to choose from, as well as art gallery auctions for those with a penchent for fine art.


The Piazza on Crown Princess

The Piazza on Crown Princess Cruise Ship

The Piazza on Crown Princess Cruise Ship


My favorite place on Crown Princess is the Piazza…the stunning grand atrium spanning several decks, featuring spiral staircases, glass-walled elevators, and easy access to Vines Bar and International Cafe. And from time to time, you are treated to beautiful live music from one of the many house bands.

With over 3,000 people on board at a time, many have wondered if the public areas on the ship get too crowded to be enjoyed, but Crown Princessis designed with many intimate spaces for a small ship feel aboard a bit ship with enough amenities and choices to keep you busy one day, and doing nothing but relax peacefully the next.

And at the end of the day be sure to catch the spectacular sunsets…a most glorious way to say good-bye to a wonderful day at sea aboard CrownPrincess.

Thank you for joining me today aboard Crown Princess…until next time, ciao for now!


This video was made possible via Twitter Press cruise sponsored by Princess Cruises. The content of this show represented the real experience of the participants and content was created without any influence or compensation by Princess or its representatives. 
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