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Astronaut Daniel Tani on NASA Space Shuttle Program

Astronaut Daniel Tani on NASA Space Shuttle Program 

STS-133  #NASATweetUp

Astronaut Daniel Tani speaks on why space shuttle program should continue. The video was taped during the #NASATweetUp event at Kennedy Space Center, FL.





According to Daniel Tani, the most important reason to continue the Space Shuttle Program is if we stop, the inertia of getting the system back up and running again may be so overwhelming that we may never be able to do it again and it may not be viable in the future. That’s a frightening thought considering how far NASA and we as a nation have come in terms of our space shuttle program.  Daniel Tani compares it to running a marathon…if you stop to take a break, you may never get up again to finish the race.

People may ask, why should we care if there is life on Mars?  It would not affect our daily lives on Earth….

We learn something of value every day, and we should not stop exploring the universe around us.

While visiting the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex, I spotted some inspiring posters I’d like to share with you. “What’s Next“?  It’s human curiosity of discovering What’s Next, has inspired us to advance to technological heights never before on Earth.


What's Next?

What’s Next?


NASA  has pioneered research that as a result benefit humanity. This poster titled “It’s Music To Our Ears” is very moving and inspiring to know how many children benefited from research pioneered by NASA.


NASA pioneered research

NASA pioneered research



Food safety is another benefit we enjoy world wide as a result of NASA’s research and use in their space flights. Most people are not even aware that NASA scientists are responsible for so many advancements that we take for granted today.


NASA Pioneered Research

NASA Pioneered Research



Thank you for watching and visiting A Road Retraveled.  Be sure to watch the other videos from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center!


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