A Road Retraveled is a strategic life choice for travelers wishing to explore interesting places such as New York and Italy.

A Road Retreveled along with its sister production Traveling Tidbits have produced hundreds of videos covering the most interesting places in New York and Italy. Travelers can become subscribers to A Road Retraveled for video podcasts via iTunes and  travel videos on YouTube.

For years, A Road Retraveled  has empowered, educated, equipped and encouraged travelers in ways of travel to New York and Italy.  Pathway to education includes focusing on video awareness through filming, editing and producing short and long travel shows of some of the greatest destinations in New York and Italy.  All of the episodes are easy to acquire from your smartphone, computer or TV (with appletv or Boxee Box).

For added information,  useful content to make your travels even easier, as well as money saving bonuses from partners and affiliates, download the official A Road Retraveled App for either your iPhone or iPad from the iTunes app store for only $1.99.

For everyone with a sincere desire to attain high level of knowledge of what it takes to travel easily with host Simone di Santi, please subscribe to A Road Retraveled and Traveling Tidbits travel shows and download the travel app.

Thank you very much for watching our travel shows and reading our travel blogs.

Simone di Santi

A Road Retraveled

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